Things for my Christmas tree

My daughter has contributed this piece to my blog –  about some of her neighbour, Lucy’s, favourite things.

 I was having tea last week with Lucy and the doorbell went. It was a courier returning a large box of Christmas decorations .  Curious, I asked her about them. She said she loved her Christmas decorations and wanted her children to enjoy them in years to come.

 “Grandma handed down her baubles made of fine glass to my mother. They’re still in their original packaging. I love unwrapping our decorations each year and when the tree comes down wrapping them up again in tissue to protect them.

So, I have finally got back our decorations from my husband’s studio. He used them for shoots for the last couple of years but never again!  Look – they’ve have come back not in their tissue or their boxes and some have  missing noses and missing ears.”

Lucy will soon fix the damaged ones.  She is enormously talented with her hands.

She shows me a stable she made last year with her 4 year old twins, Tabitha and Jamie.

She proudly shows me Tabitha’s cradle and baby Jesus, and then Jamie’s.   “it’s like a penis!” she jokes.

She made a new Christmas decoration herself last year, a garland of hearts in different fabrics. “I enjoyed spending a lot of time on it. No one will have anything like it; I enjoyed using stuff I had collected over the years (bra bits, mother’s old Victorian pillow case edging). I really enjoyed it, it was like good therapy at the time, it just made me sit and I felt really restful making it.”


“I really don’t like styled Christmas trees where everything matches – they belong in hotels and shops. A house Christmas tree – if there’s a family – needs to be decorated by children and will have oddities won’t it?  I like the fact that nothing matches.

Individually some of these decorations are dreadfully twee.  She laughs and picks up a fawn. “Look at that – it’s appalling! But I love it – I love its colours, it has a new-born baby Jesus feel to it, innocent, helpless, cute! Mum bought it for me at a flower arranging demonstration at Christmas time. I was there with mum, my sister and my sister-in-law. I don’t know what possessed me to want it so much but honestly it looks good on the Christmas tree.

The first year we had our twins, Chris and I were in London at the Conran shop and we bought this polar bear wrapped in lots of tissue. We agreed we would buy a new one ever year. This is the packaging from the champagne we drank.” She shows me a white cardboard box with the word CHAMPAGNE on it. “It came back from his studio looking like that!” The polar bear has a missing nose.


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